What will be the most in-demand marketing capabilities and technologies by 2025?  And what metrics do marketing leaders believe they are most likely to be measured on by the middle of the next decade?

Across the hundreds of interviews, roundtables, panel discussions and industry conferences Which-50 has participated in over the last 12 months these issues have consistently been raised by our readers in the marketing and digital disciplines as key considerations for their long-term planning.

Now we want your help understanding the details.


What will the perfect marketing technology stack consist of in 2025, and just as importantly, where will companies find staff with the capabilities to use the platforms.

And the concern does simply stop at the boundaries of the marketing department.  Company leaders and boards expect their CMOs and digital leaders to understand how emerging technologies and skills will impact on the way the wider businesses work.

For this reason Which-50 has partnered with Marketo and ADMA to develop Digital Marketing 2025, the most comprehensive study of how the priorities, capabilities, KPIs and technology needs of marketers will change in the years ahead.

Digital Marketing 2025 is designed to shed light on how marketers navigate these challenges and how marketing departments are perceived by their management peers.

The study will also dive behind the numbers to understand the expectations on marketers from their peers at a time when the velocity of change in marketing is actually accelerating. Which-50 will analyse the results and test them with a round of qualitative research involving senior marketing leaders which will then inform the report we deliver in July.

To complete this study we need your input! 

Enter the 5-minute survey now to receive a complimentary copy of the survey report. We are also asking participants to identify their most frustrating experiences as marketers.  By providing the most interesting or creative suggestion you have the chance to win an iPad Pro or 1 of 5 Google Homes. 

Help us better understand the pressures marketing today, and your best estimate for the kinds of technologies and capabilities that will be required to run the marketing department in 2025. Take the survey now

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