With the growing industry, we are empowering the world by providing digital platform to manage the loan. finance now allows users to process their loan application digitally and manage it to maintain the period of time consumptions by making it on the finger tips.


Web and Mobile App


UX, UI and Strategy


Problem Statement

Bringing digital transformation to the finance company that offers loan solution to customers. The traditional way of managing the loan application, approval and management journey is very paper heavy and cumbersome.


  • Manual procedure takes time to complete the loan procedure.

  • On every loan process it was lengthen the verification time line.


  • Multiple loan can be applied all together with the less time consumption and easy way.

  • With finance now, it made an ease for bank person & customers to get the credit line on salaried profiles.


About Project

Finance now has introduced the ease for banking systems and for the customers also. the foundation of finance now is to make a digital way by converting the manual users on to the application. here it allows users to assign for multiple loans with a quick ways. also it provides the credit lines based on the salaried profile to help at a way and return after back.


Design Process

The design process begins with understanding the problem from the brief that was given to me. In such short time I should be able to pinpoint the problem. The design process begins with understanding the problem from the brief that was given to me. In such short time I should be able to pinpoint the problem.


Design System

A design system can be formally defined as a collection of reusable components guided by clear standards that can be assembled together to build any number of digital products.


User Flow

In the user flow, it shows the contiguous procedure to access the mobile application and its various features.


Mobile View

The screen flow to show the application view while using it on the mobile phones. here it has align the modules and process to move forward to access the platform.

Home Screen

On the homescreen, it shows the credit line funds for the user who has complepted their profile. for the users who are pending to add profile details will need to complete it to get the credit line benefit.

Bank Detail

While completing the application user has to complete the bank detailed information. While submitting the bank details, here it shows IFSC code information to guide user about it.

Payment Installment

To ease the instalment procedure, user will get all the instalment over here with updated status. User can manage the instalments at the time of completing the payment. Once the user will complete the payment it will update the instalment status from here directly.

Billing Screen

For every loan, it will have a billing screens to provide detailed information about the loan bills. it will show the breakdowns for the payment. The status of payment will be also mentioend here on the billing screen.

My Loans

On the loan module, it shows all the loans sanctions for the user with its updated status. Here it has chat to communicate for the finance now support.


Web View

Finance now features has shared with web application as required for the mobile application. Web application has all the beneficial implementation.

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