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Getting started

Your Product Manager will schedule a kickoff call with you shortly after you pay your deposit. By the time your kickoff call happens, your PM will have constructed a team that is ready to start your project immediately.

You won’t. Software Co handles all project management for you. Our experienced Product Managers will source your team and will make sure that we deliver a beautiful product every time.

There are a number of good reasons to outsource software development when you're a small startup. Here are a few:

  • Your core competency, which you're amazing at, is not software development
  • You're planning on hiring developers but want to get a head start on the prototype first
  • You're using the prototype to convince developers to join your startup
  • You want to cheaply validate a concept before you make a larger investment
  • The company you're using to outsource has a fantastic track record and is going to do a great job with your product
  • It's cheaper to outsource than to have your in-house developers build your product

Project Quotes

They’re real! Software Co’s talented sales engineers have worked as product managers and engineers. They’ve gone to great schools and worked at top companies. Many have even started their own companies. We think you’ll like them.

We’ve seen enough projects that we can tell what yours should cost after a short conversation. Our quotes are real and 100% guaranteed. If we underestimate and lose money on your project, that’s on us.

At Software Co, we believe in efficient communication, which translates to shorter proposals than you’ll see from most development shops. “Feed with text and image posts, comments, and likes” is pretty easy to understand. No need to write up a half page detailing how it works.


We go to great lengths to find & recruit the best developers in the world. Software Co was actually designed from the developer’s perspective first - as a concierge service to find developers interesting work. Since we offer the best developer experience in the world, we are able to recruit the best developers. They come from top schools like MIT, Stanford, and Caltech and tech titans like Google, Facebook, and Pinterest. Many are startup founders too.

Our developers value their anonymity and prefer not to work directly with clients. That is why they’re on Software Co instead of a developer marketplace. We’ve found that adding a product manager between the client and the development team, which often consists of a tech architect, designer, and several developers, makes the process much smoother.Your Product Manager will schedule a kickoff call with you shortly after you pay your deposit. By the time your kickoff call happens, your PM will have constructed a team that is ready to start your project immediately.

We can’t tell you in advance because we don’t match your project with developers until it starts. The match is an intricate process - we want to assemble the perfect team for your project. We wouldn’t want to show our developers a bunch of NDA-protected projects they might not be working on, so we don’t perform a match until clients make their first payment.

No - we don’t match you directly with developers. Instead, we build the optimal team, which may even change over time (if someone gets sick, for example) and you manage that team through a product manager. We aim to provide substantially more value than a matchmaking service.


Agencies and development shops have a lot of overhead and are fundamentally lifestyle businesses, meaning that their focus is on profits. Software Co is venture-backed, so our focus is growth & customer satisfaction. We would rather earn a referral from you than take a huge margin!

Sometimes developer marketplaces can beat our pricing with less experienced talent. We’ve seen from personal experience & heard from many of our customers that these projects often go poorly. As is the case with most major buying decisions, you get what you pay for.

Our project rates range from $35/hour - $135/hour depending on the level of quality and complexity involved in the project and the level of engineers we need to engage in the project. We often provide an economy and premium option for most project so you can make an informed decision.

It depends on the type and complexity of the project. Most standard applications can be built in 3-4 months.

Unfortunately not.


We can integrate existing designs or build you a new design at any level of finish.

Yes, we will happily integrate design work done by any other designer, provided that it is a design that is actually possible to build. There is no fee to integrate designs in PSD or SKETCH format, but designs provided in a flat format may incur a fee.


Software Co works with clients of all shapes and sizes, from single-person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Our clients span a range of industries, including healthcare, ecommerce, and advertising. Head over to our Case Studies section in order to see some of the projects we’ve built for clients.

Sure! Send us a message and we’ll figure out how to write the best case study for your project with Software Co


As soon as you start your project, we get to work finding the right PM for your needs. Once we’ve found a PM, they will use our artificial intelligence-based platform to put together the best team of designers and developers for your project.

Our projects are divided up into milestones, which are check-in points that occur roughly every two weeks. Milestones give you a chance to review the progress that we’ve made so far, give feedback to your team, and confirm the scope of upcoming work.

Your PM will schedule a weekly call with you to ensure that your project is on track and will send you updates via email at least twice a week. Your PM will also send you work to review at the end of every milestone. It’s important that you review milestones promptly in order to keep your project on schedule.

After we’ve finished building your project, we’ll do a final pass to make sure that everything is polished and high quality. Your PM will then send you your completed deliverable, whether that’s designs or a zip file containing your project’s code. Just because a project is complete doesn’t mean our relationship is over- we encourage you to reach out to us as you scale your project and need additional feature development.


Nope, we price out any additions as “mini projects” that tend to be pretty inexpensive because we know the source base well.

Nope! Software Co is well-capitalized for years after recently ­raising a handsome investment ­from top Silicon Valley investors.

A bug is any functionality in your product that does not work as specified in your project proposal. Software Co is committed to building you an incredibly high quality product, and part of that means making sure that your product has as few bugs as possible. Revisions to intended functionality and feature additions do not qualify as bugs but can be handled through Software Co’s revision process.

While you’re using your product, you may find that there are parts of your product that you would like to change or make additions to. We’re happy to perform revisions to work that is part of the initial project scope, but we need to limit revisions in order to guarantee that projects are delivered in a timely fashion. Work that is not part of the initial scope of a project may require additional payment for Software Co to deliver it. Examples of revisions:

  • Adding new filter criteria to a list of items
  • Storing additional user data for users who have logged in via Facebook
  • Changing the layout of a profile page


We only show your project’s details to the developers that work on it; these developers are under a strict NDA with us. Every precaution is taken to keep our systems secure.

Unfortunately we work with so many different customers that it is impossible for us to sign everyone’s NDA. The legal & compliance overhead is cost prohibitive. Rest assured the NDA we provide is standard & fair for all parties.

    Let’s talk.

    Note: We’ll keep your idea confidential with a signed NDA.