When thinking about startups, you probably have a vision of a billion dollar app. You’d be right. The world is continuing to shift its Internet usage towards mobile, and apps continue to dominate the mobile world over the web. It’s a hundred-billion dollar marketplace that hasn’t even come close to reaching its true potential. And you want to get into that world, but you don’t have the cash to build an app.

Don’t tell me you have no money to build your idea. You just don’t want to spend it. You have no money when your bank accounts are all at zero, your credit cards are maxed, your investment accounts and 401k’s are empty and you can’t get a loan.  That’s zero. You probably have some money to invest in your business, but you just don’t want to get uncomfortable to build a better life for yourself. It’s completely understandable, but an annoying excuse nonetheless.

Every single time you tell yourself or someone else that you don’t have the funds to launch your business, you’re just digging yourself deeper into a fear hole.  The deeper you go, the harder it is to get out. It’s not going to help you build it, and it’s definitely not going to score you any investment dollars when you aren’t putting any skin in the game yourself. The good news it that most business ideas can be tested and proven for free or little money. Sometimes you don’t even have to build any tech to prove the idea.

And honestly, without actually building something or proving your idea, it’s going to be hard for a first time entrepreneur to raise money from a professional investor. And you’re definitely not going to make any money on the sidelines. Instead of complaining that you ‘don’t have the funds,’ set a specific budget to get a minimum viable product (MVP) for your app out, then get there. If you know how to work with freelancers, or are working with a mentor that can help you cut corners, your first version can be a simple app that gets your first customers and doesn’t cost much to build.

It can help you score investors if it takes off, if you even need them. There are countless examples of apps taking off like wildfire for one reason or another. If your app is built to earn money from day one—which it should be—you may not even need investment dollars at that point.

But this all hinges on a single starting point.

The day you decide to go from dreamer to entrepreneur and actually create a launch plan for your app.

Prove that your idea can actually work, find out how much money it will take then go find it and make it happen. Or, risk someone else doing it first and enjoying all of the benefits of having a successful app that should have been yours. Either or, your choice.

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