Oboro invites customers to buy or rent designer clothes from various retailers.


iOS, Android


UX, UI and Strategy

Oboro - this app is for shopping lovers, follow your favourite shops, watch the live streams, buy clothes and collect followers

Step-by-Step guide

It`s easy to navigate between sections and find information on different aspects of design.

We wanted to allow readers to either learn about our design process chronologically or jump to a particular stage and find the answers they need.


Colors & Typography

Live-Stream Shopping

You can watch live videos from sellers and in real-time choose the product you like for purchase or rent

Home page

Browse seller stories, see discounted products and hottest deals, you can also find sellers near you

Seller Profile

Browse the seller's profile, choose to buy or rent, filter the products as you like and enjoy your shopping, you can also view product reviews, contact the seller directly


Each product is described in detail, you can choose the color and size, and study the seller.

Like a product but don't want to buy it yet? Add it to your favorites and buy

Other screens

Some examples of the application screens.


Add the product to the cart, each seller will be displayed separately, you can change the delivery address and choose the payment that is convenient for you

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