This app is for businesses in Canberra to promote their business in the business directory in-app and have an instant chat with businesses.


iOS, Android


UX, UI and Strategy

About the project

Businesses offer 'Discount Vouchers' to attract customers. Customers can save vouchers and redeem the discount when they visit the business

Design Proccess

Each process is a deliberate and important step for the business


We create a complete unique brand, have found colours and fonts to make the application bright and colourful.


Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro
SF UI Text

Primary colors

Secondary colors

User Flow

The UX design team worked on the entire mobile app flow so the user journey would be smooth.


We have prepared a video presentation of the application for you so that you can get to know it better. ggg

View business

You can go to the business page, view detailed information about it, select vouchers, and also request vouchers if they are not available. You can follow the store to be aware of new vouchers.

My vouchers

You can find all saved vouchers in the My vouchers tab. Vouchers can be used until a certain date, after the expiration date you can delete them.


Other screens

Some examples of the application screens.

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