Just when you were envious of Emma Stone’s acting skills, you found out she could power a ballad with the best of them and dance like a pro as well. All the while speaking to real people in the real world to reveal her vulnerabilities and fight with anxiety and depression. In today’s business world, we are used to celebrities and entrepreneurs being multi-talented. Just think of how many of your idols have multiple businesses, whether it be Rihanna launching her own makeup line or entrepreneurs becoming celebrities, much like the cast of Shark Tank.

But another thing we’re used to, as digital natives in a tech-saturated world, is a changing concept of what makes a celebrity. Younger generations don’t just want to grow up to be pop stars, they want to be entrepreneurs, YouTubers, social media moguls and TV presenters. They want to wear a lot of hats, and look good in them too.

That’s exactly what Bianca de la Garza, an Emmy-nominated producer and former talk show host, has achieved. And she has seen her share of success, her talk show ratings have ranked in the top two, second only to Saturday Night Live.

Beyond racking up a loyal fan base of women from all walks of life for demonstrating how to succeed (on camera and off), Bianca’s turning the beauty narrative on its head with some pretty powerful messaging. No stranger to shaking up the status quo, she’s taking on the beauty industry with her new line, BDG Beauty. Let’s take a look at what brands can learn from the company’s pre-launch strategy.

Research Your Target Customer

In the scramble to get products to market, a lot of startups forget to carry out the necessary research. It’s not only about having the right product, you must research everything from how to package your products to who your target customer is and how to reach them, in order to maximize sales.

It all comes down to how you present your product to the world. Your packaging and branding are critical for positioning your company. The message you send matters, arguably even more than the product you’re selling.

If you know, for example, that you’re dealing with a modern, edgy, female audience, emboldened by recent headlines for greater equality and exposing the traditional boys’ clubs for what they are, then it’s time to take part in that conversation, or better yet, lead it. Launching the BDG Beauty line amidst a perfect storm of relevant press and public outrage, the narrative is spot on.

For example, in one of the brand’s marketing campaigns there’s an image of a face mask on a pineapple, bringing attention to the fact that the traditional beauty narrative is outdated and needs to be thrown out. Along with the rest of the misogynistic behavior women have endured for centuries.

“The fruit wearing a mask demonstrates how we would never think to change that bumpy skin on a pineapple because that’s how nature intended it. Well, what about us? We should be embracing our skin, our looks, in our own natural state as we were also designed,” de la Garza says.

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Jerome for INLOVE Magazine

Have A Pre-Launch Press Strategy

This is easier said than done, yet even if you don’t have the magnetism of a late night TV star, you can still build up anticipation for your product before launch and start to pique interest. Tease your potential target. Give them snippets of information and a taste of what they can expect to receive.

Nearly 90% of startups fail, with failure rates varying for each industry. Neglecting to build up anticipation before launch is like buying a car but not putting gas in it. Product development and building a brand takes a lot of work and funds, and setting it up for success requires a solid pre-launch strategy.

BDG attracted press features pre-launch which act as a pull strategy to attract additional press and draw audiences to their website.

It doesn’t matter if your product isn’t ready yet. Capturing pre-sales and adding already engaged prospects to your mailing list is critical so when you are ready to launch, you have an interested buyer base.

Be A Brand On A Mission

It’s important to have purpose. But now more than ever, audiences are swayed by the greater good. It’s important for brands to have a strong identity and if being socially responsible aligns with the brand, even better.

Social responsibility is high on the priority list of today’s consumers, with 73% of Millennials opting to pay a premium for products from socially salient brands. Furthermore, Millennials’ demand of companies to be transparent and philanthropic has driven brands to change for the better.

81% of Millennials expect companies to make public declarations of their corporate citizenship. By supporting a cause and also giving employees an opportunity to give back, brands can attract their target market not only as customers but internally as part of their team as well.

Start A Conversation

de la Garza is producing content with her production company to catalyze a discussion about beauty. Your brand may not be in the beauty industry, but think about what makes sense for you and start a conversation.

For example, have we been too dependent on plastic as a society? Share material and educate people on the effect it’s having on our planet. Or does your research show that most Millennials haven’t saved for a pension yet? Start pulling in statistics and show them where to begin. Get people talking about a larger issue and make sure your company’s voice is heard.

Broadcast With Influencers

With the Facebook algorithm change prioritizing content from family and friends over corporate announcements, influencer marketing has never been more important. Their content mimics that of friends and pushes its way to your target’s news feed. You can also increase brand credibility and encourage trust. 84% of women read peer reviews online before buying. It pays off to ensure your products are endorsed by the right influencer.

BDG is currently on-boarding influencers to represent different lifestyle categories relevant to their target demographic: self-assured women of the world. For your company, the audience may be different, but results will be the same.

The Takeaway

Research your market, find a need, and make sure your narrative is spot-on. Once you have these pieces in place, be sure to seek press and build anticipation for your product. Get the right people in the right places talking about your brand to amplify your message and your reach from day one.

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