In today’s tech-savvy world it’s something that accompanies you wherever you go. You just can’t stop your hands from fiddling with it, the moment you find yourself idle. If it’s not in your hands it’s right there in your pockets, aren’t they? Well, I am talking about mobile the devices. Technology has become a part of our daily life routine.

The initiation of mobile apps has intertwined mobile technology with our daily life routine. There has been a tremendous increase in the top business adopting to mobilization and transforming the work process with the channelized productivity business structure.  The number of business application and user growth is humongous. This is one of the reasons why emerging startups and entrepreneurs need an enterprise mobile app development for their business.

Now some entrepreneurs may think: “Our loyal customer list is huge we don’t need to a mobile app for our business!”

Well, this statement could be acceptable in the past. But today businesses across the globe no longer believe in making huge investments in printing advertisements or leaflets rather they have started to invest in developing a mobile app for their business. If you want your business to stand out and reap the benefits then you need a mobile app. Let’s have a look at the below statistics.

Source: flurrymobile.tumblr.com

According to Flurry’s State of Mobile App Usage Report Analysis conducted in 2018, shows that every year the usage of mobile apps is growing by 6 per cent. The graph also shows that the e-commerce category has grown by 54 per cent while the year over year growth of music, media and entertainment category has grown by 43 per cent.

Not convinced yet?

Here are 5 benefits of creating a mobile application for your business growth:

1. Serves as a sales booster:

As an entrepreneur, you look for constant business growth and increase in profits. The key to this keeps your customers satisfied. According to SalesForce, nearly 70 per cent of purchase experience is influenced by the way customers feel they are treated. Launching a mobile app in addition to your responsive website will not only boost your sales but will also enhance the customer experience. With the release of Domino’s Pizza app, their online sales grew by 28 per cent in the UK. Do you see a trend here? If you are amongst those entrepreneurs who are yet not using a mobile app then you are surely missing out on a great deal of change from an ever-augmenting market.

2. Builds a stronger brand:

Mobile apps build brand awareness and create a platform where you can interact constantly with your targeted audience. Communication builds, trust amongst the audiences and they are likely to listen to your later sales and promotional pitches and comSoftware Co to your brand. A user-friendly app will help you to demonstrate to your users what your brand stands for. It helps you to stand apart from your competitors who are yet to adopt this business strategy.

3. Connects you directly with your customers:

Mobile apps give information about your customers such as who they are? What are their preferences? Where are they located? etc. It lets you provide information about your products and services such as product specification, special rates, news feed, push notifications, promotion etc. Moreover, customers wait in the long queue has come to an end. Any purchase they want to do, they just need to turn on their smartphone, download the app on their mobile and avail the services they want. Just as customer service is a key to boost profits in your business; the mobile app is the key to improve customer satisfaction.

4. Gives more value to your customers:

Thought about having a digital loyalty program using a mobile app? Well, if you haven’t you can try it now. It would function like this: The more customers interact with your business, product and service, they avail points which they can collect and use to avail a product that they want. Incorporation of such loyalty programs into your mobile app, makes the entire process digitalized and you can have the data of the purchase made by your customers instantly.

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5. Increases customer loyalty:

Customer loyalty is accomplished, when you constantly make your customers aware of your brand existence, the kind of services you offer and the products you sell. Too many competitors in the market entail lots of advertisement such as roadside banners, coupons, email, social media marketing etc. If you plan to communicate in these crowded places it won’t work as there is a high risk of your message getting lost or even going unnoticed. The smart move is to rethink your marketing strategy. A mobile app is the best business strategy as it connects your business with your customers. Customer loyalty and recognition can be enhanced with a mobile app.

Final thoughts:

Many entrepreneurs still fail to identify the potential benefits a mobile app can bring to their business. Its key assets for entrepreneurs who want to enhance the productivity of their business and reap the benefits in terms of profits and go deep into building the great customer experience. The mobile-friendly business will create direct connect and build the brand personalized with the customer demographics. The business in 2018 and beyond can’t afford to lose the accessibility to the large audiences by shying away from it. If you doing so, you probably giving your competitors an opportunity to cut through your revenue and customers.


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